Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to the First International Conference World of Microbiome: Digestive & Metabolic Health (WoMDMH 2020), set to take place in Vienna, on 4-6 November 2020.

The human gut microbiome significantly contributes not only to the maintenance of the digestive and metabolic health but also to disease development. The gut microbiome might serve as a future diagnostic and therapeutic target for inflammatory and neoplastic diseases. Join international colleagues at the first conference that brings together professionals across gastroenterology, microbiology, immunology, endocrinology, neonatology, hepatology and industry, to push forward this emerging area in microbiome.

This event is a unique meeting that brings together experts to advance scientific knowledge about the intricate balance between digestion and metabolism and the role of microbiome in it and will provide a mix of science and clinical research findings paving the path to new solutions to microbiome dysbiosis.

The inaugural conference aims to promote collaboration between researchers, clinicians and industry and help them overcome barriers that limit access to prevention, care and services. Whether you are a scientist, clinical researcher, part of a start-up or an established industry company, WoMDMH 2020 is your opportunity to network and discuss the latest findings and their potential impact with the pioneers.

The WoMDMH 2020 will be co-located with the World of Microbiome: Pregnancy, Birth & Infancy Conference 2020. To find out more about the World of Microbiome Series, please follow this link: microbiome.kenes.com

See you in Vienna!

On behalf of the Scientific Committee,

Prof. Iris Dotan
Rabin Medical Center, Israel

Prof. Michael Scharl
University Hospital, Zürich, Switzerland

Prof. Janneke van der Woude
Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Netherlands